Autumn Wedding

10 March 2021

The cooler temperatures, warmer clothes, hot toddies, pumpkin ale, spiced wines and-yes, it’s true!-autumn weddings. We love all weddings and times of the year, but there is no doubt that Autumn is one of our favourite wedding seasons at the Glen Mhor Hotel- and we’re not the only ones who love it! Autumn in the northern hemisphere often signifies a new season. This feeling comes from the fact that from a very young age, Autumn is associated with new starts, new school years and new beginnings. This perfectly sums up a weddings. It’s the start of something new and brides embarking on this journey can reflect this new beginning in the choices they make for their big day. This can be reflected in what they choose to wear, setting the scene, and even its location. Its not uncommon for brides to want to rock a new look; to glam up when they don’t usually, and do things differently on their big day.

‘We’d recommend brides to choose a theme that is congruent with who they are, and not to be afraid to do something bold so long as it sits well with them, and to even think about what the colours they choose to represent.

Really take advantage of the Autumn outdoors

Don’t be afraid to embrace autumn colours

There is a lot more happening with autumn colour schemes than people typically think. In reality there is an expansive, sweeping array of hues and shades at your disposal. You are not stuck with orange and yellow, but can actually luxuriate in paler tints of beige, gold, silver and bronze, and champagne. All offering a vibrant alternative. And if you want something that really speaks to a more sensual sensibility, then go for burgundy, mauve, matte pink, blush and lavender colour palettes. They will pair especially well with lighter greens, dark greens and light red.

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Autumn brides also have some breath-taking options when it comes to flowers used for centrepieces, bridal bouquets, and buttonholes for the groom and his groomsmen.

Being fortunate enough to be located on the Banks of the River Ness, and just minutes away from the Ness Islands- as long as you and your loved ones dress appropriately, there is no reason not to take full advantage of a fine beautiful autumn backdrop, but remember to add a few layers of clothing and advise guests to dress warmly.

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