Top romantic sights around Inverness

Top romantic sights around Inverness

Coming to Inverness doesn’t just mean that you have to spend your afternoon in the city centre. There are a lot of romantic places to see in the outskirts and we are sure you will have a great time with your loved one. Many great opportunities to take lots of selfies and if you like these suggestions on your winter visit, we encourage you to visit them again during the summer!

Just after Nairn, the lovely Brodie Castle will enchant you with its tower house and grounds. It’s a 16th century building full of history, reflected in the many rooms and paintings, also there is a lovely tea room with delicious homemade cakes to recharge your batteries! In March you can also admire the amazing gardens with over 400 varieties of daffodils.

If you would like to take a stroll after lunch, why not visit the Ness Islands? They are just few minutes’ walk from the Glen Mhor Hotel and you can see the lovely River Ness slowing down while it weaves its way through the rocks and bends, with a series of suspended Victorian bridges connecting the little islands. It’s definitely a lovely walk to take if you want a quiet afternoon immersed in nature with your loved one.

On the way back to the hotel, you can stop off at the Botanic Gardens. They have a wide selection of plants even during the winter months and the impressive glasshouses reveal an explosion of colours and textures which are different in every season. A waterfall cascades into a pond filled with friendly Koi carp, surrounded by showy tender plants such as bougainvillea, bird of paradise plants and orchids.

If you came to Inverness by car or train, either way you have your afternoon sorted. So, head out and experience the amazing Scottish countryside!

Romantic restaurants in Inverness

Romantic restaurants in Inverness

Are you coming in Inverness for some time away with your better half and you would like to celebrate a special occasion in the best possible way?

Going out for dinner may sound cliché, but we believe there is no better way to give yourselves some privacy and time to talk, especially when life back home is so frantic!

If you choose the right restaurant with good atmosphere and impeccable customer service, your day will certainly end in the perfect way.

The Waterside Restaurant is one of the best in town. In one of the quieter areas of the city, the Waterside will offer you amazing local food and the friendly and attentive staff will be happy to help you with every request. The glass windows will give you one of the best views you can find in the city centre - the River Ness.

The Kitchen Brasserie is located on the opposite side of the water, between the Ness Bridge and Greig Street Bridge. It’s a well-known restaurant in Inverness and with its glass walls, it’s a delight for the eye. Although, not all tables have a river view, so we suggest you request one at the time of the booking, to avoid disappointment. Fora romantic dinner, you definitely need a romantic view!

Last but not least, we suggest the River House. It’s a small family run restaurant right in front of the Greig Street Bridge. They specialize in fish, oysters and mussels and you won’t find their unique dishes anywhere else in Inverness. We highly recommend that you book in advance, as this wee place is usually very busy and you don’t want to miss out!