Etape Loch Ness 2018

Etape Loch Ness 2018

With spring just around the corner, we all know what’s coming next - the Etape Loch Ness 2018.

The cycle event has been sold out for a while already and for good reason: the distinctive scenery, the challenge and the good cause.

On Sunday 29th April, Loch Ness will be the setting for this huge competition. With a start and finish line in Inverness, cyclists from all over the globe will be pedalling and sweating for 66 miles.

The Start

Having an early start at 6am at Bought Park, all cyclists will get ready for the long day on the bank of the River Ness and then will reach the loch in just a few minutes.

The Route

The route will follow the A82 west, passing through villages on the loch, such as Drumnadrochit and Invermoriston. Roughly half way through, Fort Augustus will give everyone a chance to see the famous Caledonian Canal, but here the big challenge will begin.

The Climb

No chance to catch a breath as the “King of the Mountain” stage will start on the way back home, with a 4.8-mile climb surrounded by untouched nature and wilderness. It’s the toughest part of the competition and it can prove too much for even the fittest of cyclists.

The Final Leg

The competitors will then continue cycling on the east shore of Loch Ness, known for its amazing landscapes and forests. First through Whitebridge and its iconic bridge, then quickly descending the Falls of Foyers and lastly running along the calm shores of Dores.

Afterwards, everyone will be back in Inverness, by the lazy river flooded by full daylight.

Tired from the 66 miles on their shoulders, they will finally dismount in front of Eden Court Theatre, the central hub of this huge event.

What excites people so much is the fact that they wouldn’t be able to cycle the same route in any other day of the year, as for this specific event all roads will be traffic-free, which is a massive pro for this competition, as a lot of roads are quite narrow and with a lot of bends. These particular features make this route treacherous and congested every day of the year but one – the 29th April.

People take part in the Etape for all sorts of reasons – personal accomplishment, visiting the famous Loch Ness, or a good cause.

This sporting event has always brought people together, giving them the opportunity to raise money for people in need. All cyclists can set up a fundraising page online and share it with friends and family. Macmillan Cancer Support is the Etape official charity.

Without further ado, we wish you all good luck in the competition, stay safe on the road and as the famous Latin expression goes – per aspera, ad astra! (through difficulties, to the stars).