Historic monuments to see in Inverness area

Historic monuments to see in Inverness area

Inverness is an important historical hub in the Highlands and we would like you to experience your culture and traditions. There are a lot of sites around the city which will bring you back in time, in different centuries where the word “memory” has a deeper meaning, as it’s tainted in blood and tears, but also of unforgettable kings and clans.

Going east, next to the Inverness Airport, you can see Fort George, the mightiest fortification in Britain with its unbeatable view over Moray Firth and the North Sea. An amazing building that will give you an open view of land and water, it also provides a fascinating insight into 18th century military life. It was built in 1746 by King George II, after the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie, to prevent any further Jacobite unrest. It also has the Highlanders Museum, Scotland’s largest regimental museum outside Edinburgh.

Heading south of Inverness, there is one of the most famous lochs in Scotland. We imagine that you have probably been there before, but we think that Loch Ness is always worth another visit. The Jacobite Cruises are sailing all year round and they offer a lot of different trips. These are very informative and if you want you can include the tickets for Urquhart Castle as well, which will give you an amazing view over Loch Ness. If you start your visit to the castle from the shop, you can watch a very interesting short movie of the history of the area, it also explains what happened to the castle and how many owners it had during the past centuries. You will not believe how many times it has been sieged!

This list couldn’t exclude Culloden Battlefield. It’s an important moor for Scottish history, as this is where the Jacobites made their last stand. You can also experience the battle itself in the visitor centre’s immersion cinema and admire the Jacobite artefacts. You can choose between self-guided tours with audio guides or guided tours.

In the proximities of the battlefield, you can also find a historical site from another era, Clava Cairns, the exceptional remains of an ancient cemetery. These standing stones are about 4000 years old and what remains today would have once been part of a larger complex. Two parts of the complex, Balnuaran of Clava and Milton of Clava, are open to the public. The sites contain a range of prehistoric burial monuments and the remains of a medieval chapel.