Inverness hidden shopping gems

17 June 2020

Inverness – the Capital of the Highlands, well known by all folks living in the Inner and Outer Hebrides for its good shopping deals during the winter months!

A city on the palm of your hand, where you can easily walk to the city centre for some therapeutic shopping. But do you know the hidden gems that Inverness is hiding?

here are few places we recommend you should visit and with the variety of choices offered, we are sure you won’t be disappointed, for example the well-known Eastgate Shopping Centre, the High Street and the Retail Park. But there are few hidden gems in Inverness that you probably don’t know about!

Wild Gorse Studio is the perfect place for an amazing gift. If you are staying in Inverness with your other half, be it for a short break or because you are celebrating a special occasion, this would be the place to buy the most amazing bouquet which will be sure to wow your partner. They also hold events and workshops, so be sure to check what is on.

Right in the heart of the city centre you can also find Maggie & Suzi Boutique, an inspirational hub for unique exclusive Scottish clothing designers and luxurious brands. It’s an award-winning boutique, with a wide choice of emerging designers’ new collections. The owners are always very friendly and they can definitely help you in finding the best coat for the cold winter ahead!

Right at the beginning of the city centre, next to the bridge, you can also find Judith Glue. If your husband is huffing and puffing after all the shopping, this shop is conveniently next to a whisky shop. He can have a wee peek there while you take your time in Judith Glue! In here you will find the popular Orkney Knitwear Collection, food & drink hampers, silver jewellery, all of which represent many small Scottish crafters and makers.

Shopping locally always makes a difference, so why don’t you give it a go this time?

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