Monster hunting tips for the family

Monster hunting tips for the family

Hunting our friend Nessie is always an adventure, especially if it’s the first time for your wee ones!

Needless to say, Nessie is a gentle wee lassie, amiable but very shy and you never know what part of the loch she is hiding in. This is why you need to gather as much information as possible for your hunt. We can help you get ready for this fantastic adventure, so buckle up!

We think that having a good knowledge of her habitat is the right starting point, so we suggest a trip to Urquhart Castle. From there you have a pretty good view of Loch Ness and you can also learn about its depth, length and other features that might give you a hint of Nessie’s favourite hiding spot.

 If you don’t fear the deep waters, you can also take a cruise with Jacobite and you will definitely become an expert on Loch Ness and all its inhabitants!

To continue your expedition, you can visit the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition, opened by Sir Ranulph Fiennes (another fellow explorer!), in which you will see and touch the equipment of professional explorers, learn more about Nessie and much more! The interactive “water” floor will amaze you, the ancient vessels used to look for Nessie will mesmerise you and a lot of videos will let you learn while having fun!

Last but not least the fantastic Nessieland. There are a lot of activities waiting for you here, such as Nessie’s caves, Nessie Rover Adventure, the activity centre, the model railway and the screening room.

Now you are ready for your adventure! But always remember that you are not in the search of a monster (she doesn’t like to be called like this) to be captured, our wee Nessie just wants to be your friend!