Did you hear, two became one?

Did you hear, two became one?

The Glen Mhor and Waterside were neighbouring hotels situated along the idyllic banks of the River Ness. Both successfully established 3 Star hotels, who became one in Summer 2018.

Amazing news, Right? We believe so! Now we are the proud owners of two Beautiful Wedding Venues, what more could we want?

Your wedding day is just the start of your fairytale, it’s a new beginning much like our own, and we are here to help you take those first steps into married life.

Prospective newlyweds can now choose from two stunning indoor spaces ranging from small and intimate up to grand occasions with several packages to suit everyone’s desires.

Each couple is unique and have their own individual tastes and needs, we are therefore dedicated to offering you the flexibility and personal attention needed to achieve your perfect day.

Setting the scene to capture and create beautiful memories you’ll treasure forever; we are delighted to share this exciting new chapter of your lives together and we can’t wait to welcome you to The Glen Mhor Hotel.

The 5 best places to get your wedding photos in Inverness

The 5 best places to get your wedding photos in Inverness

Now that the all important holidays are gone, whether you received the big question on Christmas, Hogmanay or Valentine’s, you finally got the chance to say “YES!” to your partner. You are engaged! It takes time to let all this whirl of emotions sink into your skin but remember: don’t wait too long.

You need to get organised and there are so many things you will need to look after you won’t realise until you will be snowed in by appointments!

Let’s start from you wedding photos, for example. You have the photographer, but you don’t really like the location he suggested.

Shall we pull a list of best places to get your wedding photos in Inverness? Here we go.

1. Inverness Castle

A bit crowded with tourists during the summer, but if your wedding is not in the main season and you love history, this is one of the best picturesque locations in Inverness. You can take pictures around the grounds and on the castle tower. Unfortunately, the castle itself is not accessible as it’s the sheriff’s court, but there is a plan to move the courthouse elsewhere, so you will probably be able to visit the whole castle in the future.

2. St Andrew’s Cathedral

Surrounded by lovely fuchsia flowers during springtime, the Cathedral and its grounds are a lovely spot for photos and obviously for the actual ceremony! The majestic architecture and style will be a perfect background for your grand wedding.

3. Botanical Garden

A wee paradise away from the chaos of the city, the Botanical Garden is the perfect place for unconventional photos. With different species of plants and flowers, from local ones to very exotic ones, you will definitely be able to take advantage of the vibrant colours of nature!

4. Ness Islands

A classic for Inverness weddings. One of the most beautiful areas of the city and easily accessible from the city centre. These small islands are beautifully located on the River Ness and they are all linked by cute and romantic suspension bridges. The flow of the river and the green trees are thriving, undisturbed. It feels like you are in a fairy tale and you can definitely get some amazing photos out of this location!

5. Dores Beach

Loch Ness can’t be left out of our list! The fantastic beach in the little village of Dores, just 10 minutes away by car, has great potential for stunning photos with the characteristic landscape of the Highlands. It can be quite a windy spot though, so carefully check the forecast before heading down Loch Ness.

The Glen Mhor Hotel is conveniently located next to these well-known locations and our wedding coordinators can help you with much more than just this list!