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Best coffee stops to refuel during the shopping spree

Best coffee stops to refuel during the shopping spree

We all know the weather is getting colder and colder, but this shouldn’t stop you from having the best time of your life in the Invernessian shops.

You just need a wee treat to warm you up and to give you the strength of challenging the wind and the rain. A lovely cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate are definitely your best allies in this war against the winter!

Have you been to Inverness before, but you would like to try a new cafe? Or it’s your first time in the city and you are not too sure about our local cafeterias?

We believe you won’t be disappointed with our suggestions!

Right in front of the beautiful Town House, you can find So Coco. The location is very handy, as it’s on the corner between two main shopping streets of Inverness, Church Street and the High Street.

There is no way you can leave your table without trying their amazing hot chocolates or their warm churros. They also have a very good selection of sandwiches, chocolate and macaroons.

If you find yourselves in the Eastgate Shopping Centre, take the exit on the second floor and you will find the Velocity Cafe. It’s a quirky shop in a quiet area of town, but it’s also a bicycle workshop providing classes and events throughout the year. An important hub for Inverness’ thriving community.

In the proximity of the train and bus station, you can find Cafe Artysans. They are part of a trust that helps young people in finding their future job and it’s a very well-known cafe in the city. With their wide range of tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes, you can always find your favourite of the day! They also have supper clubs after 6pm with music and entertainment. Check their website to see when the next club will take place.

Tips on bargains and new shops in Inverness

Tips on bargains and new shops in Inverness

Inverness has changed a lot in the past years and we have seen a lot of different shops coming and going, but how do you keep yourselves updated with the latest news? Every time you come and visit this city, it seems that shops are moving around, you can’t find them anymore and the dizziness kicks in! Here’s few new shops that have recently opened that we think you should have a wee peek at!

The House of Aran recently opened on the High Street, it stocks a lovely selection of quality Aran knitwear for your whole family (even for dogs!). They have a very good selection for kids and babies as well and you won’t be disappointed by the materials and making. If you are looking for a special and very soft gift for a loved one, this is the right shop for you.

A new shop also opened in the Eastgate Shopping Centre, it just moved from the city centre, so they can expand and renovate the old shop. Cafferys is the best place for premium men’s designer wear in Inverness. If you are looking for excellent brands and very friendly and helpful staff, look no further!

A sweet treat for you all has just opened in the Victorian Market. The Highland Cake Fairy gives you the sweetest shopping experience of your life! This new cake shop makes the loveliest cupcakes and traybakes in the city centre. You can sit in with a lovely hot drink or take away while you continue browsing the other shops in the Victorian Market. Give it a try and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

If you are not sure about where to find your favourite shop, remember that the Inverness Tourist Information Office moved last year to the middle of the High Street (a little bit further up than the previous location) and they will be happy to help you in your search!

Inverness’ hidden shopping gems

Inverness’ hidden shopping gems

Inverness – the Capital of the Highlands, well known by all folks living in the Inner and Outer Hebrides for its good shopping deals during the winter months!

A city on the palm of your hand, where you can easily walk to the city centre for some therapeutic shopping. But do you know the hidden gems that Inverness is hiding?

here are few places we recommend you should visit and with the variety of choices offered, we are sure you won’t be disappointed, for example the well-known Eastgate Shopping Centre, the High Street and the Retail Park. But there are few hidden gems in Inverness that you probably don’t know about!

Wild Gorse Studio is the perfect place for an amazing gift. If you are staying in Inverness with your other half, be it for a short break or because you are celebrating a special occasion, this would be the place to buy the most amazing bouquet which will be sure to wow your partner. They also hold events and workshops, so be sure to check what is on.

Right in the heart of the city centre you can also find Maggie & Suzi Boutique, an inspirational hub for unique exclusive Scottish clothing designers and luxurious brands. It’s an award-winning boutique, with a wide choice of emerging designers’ new collections. The owners are always very friendly and they can definitely help you in finding the best coat for the cold winter ahead!

Right at the beginning of the city centre, next to the bridge, you can also find Judith Glue. If your husband is huffing and puffing after all the shopping, this shop is conveniently next to a whisky shop. He can have a wee peek there while you take your time in Judith Glue! In here you will find the popular Orkney Knitwear Collection, food & drink hampers, silver jewellery, all of which represent many small Scottish crafters and makers.

Shopping locally always makes a difference, so why don’t you give it a go this time?