Glen Mhor Hotel App

Make your stay at the Glen Mhor Hotel & Apartments contactless.

By downloading the app and using this to check in and out and as your room key, you’re helping us reduce contact between you and our staff during the pandemic.

This will enable us to deliver a greater level of service to you as all the information about the hotel you need is on your own device.


As a further benefit of the app, this assists you to support the business on our sustainability journey. We are using the app to reduce the amount of paper used within the business – no registration cards, key card holders, fewer menus, no receipts, invoice emailed to the guest post-stay.

We’re on a journey. Let this be the beginning.

More reasons to use the app:


Help us to help you keep safe and enjoy a quicker check-in at the hotel.

Check-in and out

Via the app so we are ready for your arrival with your room and room key waiting on the app for you to access your room from your device. (back up keys are available at reception!)

Manage your booking

Just add your reservation number, and all the details of your next stay will be at your fingertips. You’ll find your room type, dates of your stay and information on the hotel, including our menus, looking after you policy and welcome information.

Order food and drink from your table

To allow us to go paperless, we’ve created our menu on the app for you to order and pay at your table. This means less contact between you and our staff but also assists us on our journey towards sustainability and using fewer natural resources.

Add drinks whenever you’re ready…

Once you have the app in your hand, anytime you need a refill, just order from the app, and one of our team will deliver straight to your table.

Room Service

The app is always on! Use the app, select room service, choose from our full menu, enter your name and reservation number, and we’ll deliver to your room to enjoy your meal or drinks.

Stay Again

Booking a room for your next stay is easy through the app in your hand, and you’ll always have access to our best rates.

Download the App:

Use the Glen Mhor Hotel App to:

  • Book online
  • Check in
  • Use as your room key
  • Order room service
  • View your invoice
  • Check out
  • Pay any outstanding items on your bill
  • View wifi details
  • Connect with us on social media
  • Leave feedback

Each of our 110 bedrooms is distinctive and have their own character. Whether you want a cosy, single room or to treat yourself to the luxury of a spacious suite, there’s a room to suit all tastes and budgets.

As the Hotel is a historic building, there is no lift. If you would like help with your luggage or a ground floor room, this can be arranged at the time of booking.

Just a short walk along the River Ness’ tree-lined banks, the Glen Mhor Hotel is the ideal venue to take in all the City of Inverness has to offer, but far enough out to ensure a peaceful and relaxing stay.

Download the App: