Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

8 March 2021

Tips on bridal hair, bridal make-up, decor, dress and more, for your outdoor wedding.


Tips on bridal hair, bridal make-up, decor, dress and more, for your outdoor wedding.
An outdoor wedding is the dream wedding scene that most brides have when they envision their celebration.

Be it a beachside, back garden or country forest setting, the non-traditional outdoor wedding encapsulates all the favourite aspects of the season on your big day. The outdoor setting of a wedding can invite natural décor and botanical fusion to your arrangement.

However, an outdoor wedding has some unique elements to take into account when planning an al fresco day. Discover our top tips and inspiration for planning your outdoor wedding.

When searching for potential outdoor locations, the season that you’ll be saying ‘I do’ in is key. Whether it’ll be a winter wonderland, or summer celebration, considering what will be blooming on wedding day (think holly trees or wild meadow flowers).

Although additional décor can go a long way, the more vibrant the natural environment is, the more everything else will flourish.

If the ceremony will also take place outdoors, consider the composition of the alter in relation to your chosen environment. Make sure that you have an area that can serve as a main focal point to attract attention.

For example, if the wedding is on a beachfront, the ocean can provide a natural backdrop. While an outdoor floral garden’s abundance of flowers can provide mother nature’s boutique.


Nature offers an array of rich and vibrant colours to contribute to the palette of your theme and embracing the location of your wedding can organically blend with your chosen theme.


The theme of you wedding should flow throughout different aspects of your wedding whether it is a classical or bohemian vibe, this should be apparent in the fine detail of your décor, dress and photography of your wedding.


When it comes to bridal make up, an outdoor wedding presents the opportunity to embrace the ‘barely there’ look, as natural lighting can over expose over applied make up.

Unlike an indoor wedding where low and artificial lighting camouflages heavily applied make up, an outdoor venue requires a subtle, more natural looking palette. Natural lighting will provide an additional healthy glow whether you go for a fresh face pop or sculpted contour – so it is important not to over-do it.

It is especially important to take any measures to prevent allergies and consider hay fever if you suffer (or even pack some supplies for guests). The last thing you want is puffy, red eyes on your wedding day (or constant sniffles from guests during the ceremony).


When choosing a dress for an outdoor wedding, it is important to remember a cover up option in case it turns chilly. This doesn’t necessarily mean a dress with sleeves. It’s worth researching wraps, shrugs and stole to wear over the dress.

An outdoor wedding where the temperature is cooler can allow you to go for a heavier dress without the fear of overheating. Meanwhile, a warmer location can open up the opportunity to wear lighter material or a dress with an open back.


Outdoor weddings tend to have a more relaxed vibe which is perfect if you aren’t looking for a classical princess style dress.


  • Make sure your food areas (stations, cake, buffet etc) have proper cover and protections.

  • If you are in a humid location, make sure the area has been treated if there is an infestation of insects. Or provide insect repellent for guests. (Avon’s Skin So Soft is a perennial favourite in the UK for avoiding midges).

  • Consider lighting for the evening. If the guests are outdoors, then think about string lighting or hire lights for when it gets dark.

  • Research the location to consider factors you maybe have not thought about. For example, the weather, tides, light, noise – these factors will help with your layout but also help you to plan contingency plans for your wedding.

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