Wedding Planning Checklist

11 March 2021

When planning your wedding at the Glen Mhor Hotel & Apartments we want to ensure that you have every detail covered to make your day special and memorable.

With this wedding planning checklist to help you check off all the little details well before your big day.

• Secure your date before anything else. Once this is set with your venue, you can then add the extras. You don’t want to set your heart on a makeup artist who can’t do the same date as your venue.

• Remember this is your day. So many couples try to think of everyone else’s wishes for their day, which compromises what they really want. Guests are there to celebrate you & your love, they want you to be happy and have everything you dream of.

• Don’t take too much on – you have a plethora of people to help you including bridesmaids, parents & wedding planners. Utilise them & give them tasks to allow you to free up some time to enjoy the experience rather than overstress with all the detail.

• Think about the little things; music choice, colour/theme coordination from invites to the room decoration, ‘ice breaker’ table games if people don’t know each other, activity book for the kids to do at dinner and during the speeches.

• Set a budget and consider your wish list before to start booking & planning, what are the must haves and what could you leave out.

• Research all of your suppliers and ask questions. Don’t always choose the first one you find, make sure you are comfortable around them and they understand you both as a couple and your image for your day.

• Take some time to be just the two of you on your special day. The day will fly by so quickly, be sure to take some precious time together to soak everything in and have a moment just the two of you. Before or just after your photographs is often a good time for this and we can provide a quiet area for you to enjoy a glass of bubbles together as a married couple.

• Similarly, take time together during the planning process to not plan! It can become so stressful and time consuming it overpowers everything else. Make time together throughout the process to do anything but wedding plan.

• Are a lot of your guests travelling? Be sure to choose a venue that has accommodation available for all your guests if needed for their entire stay.

• Make it your own! Traditions are lovely, but they may not be suitable for the two of you. Don’t feel pressured to do something because someone else did. Consider writing your own vows, having no top table or staying with your partner the night before the big day if this suits you.

• Lastly congratulations and enjoy.

For any other questions about planning your day please contact us at the Glen Mhor Hotel and Apartments. We look forward to celebrating your special day too!

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