Accessibility Statement

The Glen Mhor is dedicated to ensuring that all guests are provided with comfortable facilities and are made to feel welcome.

Our commitment to accessibility is rooted in our core values and culture, and we are proud to be a disability-committed employer.

We recognise that The Glen Mhor is situated within a conservation area, and we strive to balance preserving our environment and history while making our facilities accessible to everyone.

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities.

  • The entrance to the car park at The Glen Mhor is from Haugh Road, which also serves as the car park for our ‘Brewstillery’ – Uile-bheist
  • We have a spacious car park with designated bricked accessible parking spots.
  • The car park surface is flat and has a gravel surface.
  • The car park is illuminated at night.
  • Currently, the most accessible entrance by wheelchair is from the front of the hotel on Ness Bank or by following the signed brick walkway from the car park to the reception area.
  • The front reception entrance has two small steps and one tiny step.
  • The entrance door is broad, allowing for easy access.
  • There is level access to the main reception area from the car park adjacent to the distillery/brewery Uile-Bheist.
  • We are actively extending our bricked pathways and removing gravel areas to improve accessibility.

Main Entrance and Reception.

  • The reception area is on the ground floor, which is level and carpeted.
  • The reception desk height is 108cm, and there is a seating area adjacent to the reception desk. Check-in for tours can be completed here.
  • There is a large open-plan lounge area next to the reception. The lounge has large leather sofas, single armchairs, and low-level coffee tables.
  • All corridors are well-lit and carpeted.
  • Our Uile-Bheist Tap Room is located next to our reception on the ground floor and has a concrete floor.
  • There are toilets and accessible toilets available within our tap room facility.
  • The fire alarm system is sonic; if evacuation is necessary, our staff will assist.
  • We have several noise-cancelling headphones available for adults and children and a selection of sensory fidget bags at reception upon request.
  • We also offer a social story for those who would find it helpful to prepare for their visit to Uile-Bheist.

Blind, Visually Impaired & Low Vision.

Our trained staff can assist guests who may be visually impaired and guide them through the facilities. The Glen Mhor is dog-friendly, and guide dogs are welcome in all areas.

As the first-floor level is part of our production level, it has a partially grated top to enable the movement of products. Please inform us if you are bringing a guide dog so we can lay down our protective flooring.

Deaf or Hearing Impaired.

At the Glen Mhor, we have installed hearing loops to ensure that guests who are Deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy their visit easily.

Our hearing loops are designed to transmit audio directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants, providing clear and crisp sound quality.

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment and ensuring all our guests have an enjoyable and comfortable experience at our establishment.

Assistance or Therapy Dogs.

We welcome assistance or therapy dogs in all areas of the Glen Mhor & Uile-Bheist, and we ask that you inform us before your tour so that we can prepare our production level with protective flooring.


For guests with mobility issues who can walk with support, we have trained staff who can assist during tours. Our taproom and energy centre are located on the ground level, and our production centre can be viewed through windows directly from the tap room.

Our staircase has a secure wooden handrail, and the steps are wide. Our staff can provide support as required to reach our first-floor production level.

Wheel Chair Users.

For guests in wheelchairs, an accessibility lift will be installed in 2023/2024. Due to COVID-19, this installation was delayed, and as such, part of each tour that requires going to the first level will be done virtually using an immersive VR experience from the 1st of May. All tastings are completed in our taproom.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) forms for guests with a disability.

In the improbable event of an evacuation, we ask that you complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) on check-in for a tour. A PEEP determines the evacuation procedures for guests with a disability, including mobility issues, hearing, visual impairment, or learning difficulties. The plan allows us to ensure that staff and guests understand their role with a straightforward course of action should an evacuation be required, along with named staff who will help.

Thank You.

If you require any further information relating to accessibility of the Hotel, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 01463234308 or email

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